Wednesday 30 April 2014

Floor boards complete around the built in bed

Out built in bed, is now set off by the floorboards.

Only skirting boards still to fit in this room before its complete.

Floor boards finished around the pallet cupboard

First item of clothes hanging on the rail!

Final cost of cupboard - pretty much free.  Just the cost of the handing rail and ironmongery.

Door also made out of waste pallets.

Floorboards looking great.

Monday 28 April 2014

'Left over' cupboard complete

Cupboard and hanging rail complete.  Cupboard door also made from the old pallets we had left over from material deliveries.

A simple cupboard door catch.

Floor boards finished in first room

Bedroom 4 floor boards complete!

Thursday 24 April 2014

Floor boards going down upstairs

The first floor boards go down.

Floor boards are laid on 'foxtrot' board, laid over the smart ply, to help absorb the sound transfer through the floor.

Close up of the foxtrot board.

The first row of floorboard to go down along the landing - setting the line.

We choose to nail the boards down with sheradised nails rather than glue the boards down.  Using glue would have reduced the sound transfer through the floor even more.  However glues tend to 'off gas' and can reduce the indoor air quality.

Friday 18 April 2014

The 'left over cupboard' starts to take shape

Building the sides and top of the cupboard.

Saturday 12 April 2014

A cupboard out of 'left-overs'??

The challenge was to make a cupboard out of the things we had left over on site.  We had a limited number 100x100 sawn timber posts.  An unlimited amount of waste pallets that all the materials had been delivered on.

What could we make???

Sanding down the rather dirty posts (they have been used a lot during the build for temporary platforms etc!).

The contrast!

Looking better...

Posts ready to go.  Onto the pallets.

Lengths of board cut out of the pallets.

Sanded up.

We were going to paint the pallet slats, but have decided we quite like the rustic look.

The slats fixed to the posts to form the side of a cupboard.

To be continued...

Stairs arrive

The stair structure with cut strings, and smart ply sub-treads and risers.

The longer treads are to extend into the stair window.

Landing balustrade posts arrive

Waiting to be fitted.  The top of the balustrades, showing the saddle that the handrail will be fixed to.

The base of the posts - showing the holes that we will thread metal stud into, which will fix to the stair trimmers.

The posts were made by Win-Born Products, near Cambridge.

Landing cupboard ready for the handles

Cupboards decorated and waiting for handles.

Side profile.