Sunday, 19 December 2010

We need to cast a limecrete sill under each of the sets of sliding doors, and the quicker we can get this done the sooner we can order the sliding doors.  The freezing weather has not been very helpful, as lime likes a minimum external temperature of 3degrees C.

To try and get round this we had an idea that we could build a straw bale tunnel over each of the sills and put an electric greenhouse heater in each one, with the aim of keeping the internal temperature above 3deg C.  We constructed one of the tunnels to see what sort of temperature we would be able to maintain within the tunnel, to see if the idea would work...

...we found that the temperature was on average about 4 degrees higher within the tunnel than the external air temperature (there were a few gaps between the bales we couldn't do much about).  This was simply not enough when the external air temperature is between -5 and -10, as it is at the moment!  So we will have to wait until there is a break in the weather before casting the sills.

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