Sunday, 19 February 2012

We want to insulate the internal studwork walls to stop sound from travelling between the rooms and we had bought some Isonat insulation to try out.  It is made of a mix of wood fibre and hemp and is very dense about 50kg/m3.  It comes in batts which are 1200 x 370mm so it is easy to install within studwork at 400centres.

We installed the small quantity we had ordered and then tried to order enough to finish, but were advised that the product is made in France and that they were pulling out of the UK market.  We have two alternative products that we are looking at.

One is a this new product from Black Mountain Insulation, called Black Mountain Flex.  It is also a mix of hemp and wood fibre and I believe has a density of about 40kg/m3.

The other is warmcel, recycled newspaper which is blown in once the plaster board or what ever plaster substrate is being used, is fitted to one side of the wall.  Open blown has a density of about 30-35kg/m3.  The advantage of blowing the warmcel is that where we have cables and pipes concealed within the wall the warmcel will surround them.  If we were to use an insulation batt like the hemp and wood fibre then we would need to cut the insulation around the cables which would be tricky in places.

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