Friday, 30 December 2011

First up we thought we would test out the best way to fit the service back boxes into the reed mat.

The noggin the back box is fitted to sits 10mm back from the back of the studs.  Where the reeds are cut either side of the box there was a lot of play in the reeds and we ended up fitting a 10mm packer either side of the box to support the ends of the cut reeds.  When the time comes we will need to do this to every back box.

Next we moved up into the ensuite bathroom.  We constructed the shelf in the shower.

Finally the hemp and lime insulation in the eaves is dry and we made a start on fitting the air barrier.  We started in the ensuite.  The membrane we are using is the Proclima Intello plus, which is a smart breathable air barrier.

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