Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The new power mixer was at least twice as quick to mix the clay slip and ten times more comfortable!

As a result we finished all the clay slip!

Having applied all the external clay slip by hand (rather than with the render gun), we reckoned it was about twice as quick with the gun.  Working the clay into the straw by hand was also quite hard on the fingers.  Having said that the gun was quite heavy to use for long periods of time!

We also had a go at applying the scratch coat with the gun (a mix of clay slip, sand and fibre).  Externally we used chopped straw as the fibre, however we did not think this would go through the render gun.  So we used hemp shiv instead.  It did go through the gun, however it was not very quick and we concluded a reasonable plasterer could apply it faster by hand.

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