Saturday, 5 February 2011

The render gun is very fast at applying the render to the wall, the manufacturer suggests it covers about 1sq m in 10 seconds.  Each hopper only lasts a matter of seconds (if the hopper were any bigger it would make it too heavy to hold for long periods of time).

The bottle neck we had was with the mixing.  A barrow of mix took a few minutes to empty onto the wall, but took 15-20 mins to produce from soaked clay.  We are hoping to improve on this - to date we have been using an old drill (1000W) with a paddle mixer on the end.  We have been limited by the size of paddle the drill is able to turn (before you can start to smell the motor burning!).  It is also awkward to hold for long periods of time and we have also managed to bend the paddle a few times, making the vibrations quite bad.  However, we have now ordered a dedicated paddle mixer which we hope will turn up at the beginning of next week.

At the end of the first day of rendering we completed the slip coat on 1/2 of the ground floor walls.

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