Thursday, 6 May 2010

Our masonry foundations built off the chalk / sandy excavated ground.  (We have a few tweaks to make to the details of the straw in this drawing, which we will update shortly).


Unknown said...

Hello Rachel and Andrew,
Firstly, what a fantastic blog you've created, we find ourselves constantly referring back to it as we design our own timber framed strawbale building. Thank you!
One question about the foundations. We are planning on doing a lime crete floor with enviroblocks and bricks as the base for our bales in our wall and are wondering what you used as a DPC? Did you use one? Where do you need to put it? Are we missing something major?
Thanks so much for your truly informative and inspiring blog again.
Maia and Christine

Rachel and Andrew said...

Hi Maia,

Thanks very much for your comment. I don't have an email address to reply to you with. If you could email me using the link at the top of the blog I'd be happy to help.

Many thanks,