Saturday, 24 April 2010

We needed to leave enough of a tail of pipe at one end to enable it to reach into the house (which starts where the pile of sand is in the photo).  We are locating the heat pump in the utility room.  Ideally we would have located it outside the house, in the shed.  However, the shed is going to be located where the bungalow is at the moment.  Logistically it was difficult to locate the heat pump here because we would have had to demolish the bungalow before we were ready to move out into the new house.  For this reason we opted for a Nibe heat pump, which are renowned for being very quite.  They are also MCS registered heat pumps, so qualify for the 'Renewable Heat Incentive' which is under consultation at the moment but expected to come into force next April.

Renewable Heat Incentive: This is a government initiative similar to the feed in tariffs for PV panels which came into force in April of this year.  More information can be found at

Our trenches were very close to the propose new house, so we took our 400 metre length of pipe directly into the house.  However, if you wanted to locate the trenches further away, or if you required more than one 400metre loop (the length required was calculated by Nu-Heat as part of the ground source heat pump design) you could bring the pipes into a manhole.  Also supplied with the pipe loop are two 25 metre lengths of pipe which would be used to go from the manhole to the location of the heat pump.

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