Saturday, 24 April 2010

Over the last week much thought has been given to how to lay the ground source heat pump pipe.  We thought about uncoiling it by the side of the road and trying to straighten it out before feeding it from the road up into the trenches.  However the access is now so bad from the road to the site (due to all the mounds of soil and sand) that we decided we would keep the pipe coiled and wheel it along the trenches on scaffold boards, uncoiling the pipe into the trench as we rolled it along.

We tied one piece of rope round the pipe in three locations (shortly reduced to two) that could slide round the pipe allowing us to uncoil it but still holding the pipe coiled together.  We then cut the ties on the pipe.

The pipe had caps on each end which we taped to the pipe to avoid anything getting in the pipe.

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