Saturday, 24 April 2010

We then pressure tested the pipe (we recommend a qualified plumber does this, who ideally is MCS registered).  The pressure testing kit was supplied by Nu-Heat with the pipe.  We  got 4 bar of pressure which was good and there were no leaks - phew!  We will now leave the pipe under pressure until we have finished backfilling all the trenches.  It is advisable when backfilling to check the pressure gauge every 1/2 trench, so if you pierce the pipe and lose pressure you know where the damage occurred.  The red marker marks the pressure at the start and the black pin will show the current pressure in the pipe.  We expect the pressure in the pipe to drop a little bit, particularly as the temperature is close to freezing most nights at the moment.  This is expected and does not mean we have a leak in the pipe.

Next task - backfilling with 100-150mm of sand over all the pipes.

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